E-mail Privacy Act Passes Houses, Moves on to the Senate

The House of Representatives passed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act and included the E-mail Privacy Act. This is an important step towards updating our laws to reflect technological changes and respect the Fourth Amendment. The Due Process Institute signed a letter of support, directed at the Senate Armed Services Committee, to approve the NDAA's language that included the E-mail Privacy Act. 

Shana O'Toole Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

 Commenting on banks sharing customer information, our President Shana O'Toole explained:  “My concern with this program is what customer information is being shared... Efficiency is great, but constitutional protections are mandated.”  

Due Process Institute Co-Sponsors Abacus Screening


Due Process Institute, in conjunction with NACDL, hosted a screening of Abacus: Small Enough to Jail at the E Street Cinema in Washington DC.  Afterwards, Shana O'Toole moderated a Q&A Session with members of the Sung Family and one of the documentary's producers, Mark Mitten.    

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at this year's Academy Awards, the film centers on a small family-owned bank in New York City's Chinatown that was the only financial institution to face criminal charges following the subprime mortgage crisis. The documentary serves as an engrossing legal thriller, as well as a compelling portrait of the Chinese-American community in New York City as it intersects with a deeply flawed criminal legal system.

Speaking Up for Discovery Reform in VA

 The Due Process Institute joined several other groups, notably the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, in comments favoring changes to Virginia's discovery rules that we believe will lead to a more just legal system. 

Prison Reform Bill Passes the House

 Progress! H.R. 5682, the FIRST STEP Act passed the House 360-59, a resounding vote for reform. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration. The Due Process Institute supports this legislation.   

Call for Transparency in Government Collection of Phone Call Data

 The Due Process Institute urges the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to report important data regarding the government's collection of details of phone calls, as required under the USA FREEDOM Act.  Obtaining this data is particularly important given that the number of call detail records collected under surged to over 540 million in 2017 - more than triple what was reported for 2016. 

New Mandatory Minimum Sentences Avoided

 The US Senate considered taking up amendments to current law regarding the quantity of drugs required to trigger mandatory minimum sentences and also considered increasing the length of those sentences. The Due Process Institute joined an effort that successfully convinced the Senate to refrain from pursuing this unhelpful legislation.  

Email Privacy Act Update

 Good news! The Email Privacy Act has been added to the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), so there are two legislative vehicles for this important reform.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was adopted in 1986 but has failed to keep pace with our modern technological realities. The time has come for the law to clearly require the US government to procure a warrant before reading our private communications or tracking our movements.

Shana in Morning Consult

The Due Process Institute's President, Shana O'Toole, was featured with co-author Jason Pye of FreedomWorks in the Morning Consult for their article, "Second Chance Month Brings Opportunity for Prison Reform."

Welcoming Latest Addition to Institute Staff

We are happy to announce that Joe Luppino-Esposito has joined the Due Process Institute as our Director of Rule of Law Initiatives. Joe comes to us from Right on Crime and has been a long-time criminal justice reform advocate

April is Second Chance Month

The Due Process Institute has joined Prison Fellowship as a partner celebrating Second Chance Month, raising awareness for the millions of Americans with a criminal record who deserve a second chance.

Due Process in the Modern Era

The Due Process Institute is honored to join the Digital Due Process Coalition in their efforts to modernize America's surveillance laws in the internet age. The coalition is made up of a broad and diverse group of advocacy organizations and industries working together to enhance your due process rights.